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Update for Friday, January 11, 2008

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Well, today I have decided that the blog on my site would become my one and only active blog. So it is active: i.e.: there are links to it now! Although the formatting on it is not exactly as I would like, it is still pretty good.

In other news, Sunday is my birthday! Gonna be 45. Tonight I’m going out with some friends to celebrate at Pizzeria Uno. They have this pizza with spinach and broccolli that tastes awesome! That is what I’m am going for! 🙂

Update on Thursday, Jan 10, 2008

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As usual I’m attempting to do too many things at one time. I signed up for a class on Six Sigma (starts on February 1st), I’ve been reading a book a co-worker has on Lean Six Sigma, I’ve gotten the course materials for the class mentioned and have started going over that material…

Last night I purchased two new books at the local Borders near work. One is on Agile software development and the other is on Lean Software Development (I’m reading the Lean Software Development book on the train to and from work).

Let’s see what else am I juggling at this time? Well, I’m working on getting the format of this Blog (CSS-wise) to be the same as In the evening at home last night I continued working on my web tutorial for getting video from a Canon HG10 video camera into Windows Movie Maker… including shooting some video for the tutorial. I imported some of the video into my PC (for loading into Moviemaker). I imported the rest of the video into my MacBook (iMovie is a much better tool the MovieMaker and I have the option to do so)!

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