Busy… but doing well

Let’s see, there’s the Six Sigma class coming up in February… my wife is taking two classes in occupational therapy the next two weekends, we just replaced our defective printer, I’ve been buying various books on software management and intros to statistics. I’m toggling back and forth between reading these books (due the subject matter you can only take so much of this stuff at one time)!

On the health / self discipline front my wife and I are doing alot better. No self-medicating by buying and eating junk food / soda. I’ve been walking the stairs (30 floors) almost every day at work. Slowly, some of the physical symtoms I experience in my body are waning/disapating.

Things are REAL SLOW at work right now but I expect that is going to change real soon. And I actually will be glad when that happens.

The tutorial I am making for importing video from a Canon HG10 video camera into Windows MovieMaker is taking longer than expected. But, I have been working on it and it is getting better and better. It will be nice to have a solid and complete tutorial up on chomer.com!

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