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Need Some Light Humorous Reading? I’ve a suggestion!

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If you’ve been following the news lately, its enough to get one really depressed. Not just what a bunch of clueless wall street clowns are doing with our bailout money, but the new stimulus package with all its little “surprises” inside… I wonder….

Changing the tone here. Yes, changing the tone of this post right now!  What about focusing (for just a brief moment at very least) on something light-hearted and silly. Do you like puns and other word-play? Are you a twelve year old boy who never grew up? May I suggest some light reading? I’ve got a book for you to check out that, even if its not your cup of tea, you probably know a few of your friends who would enjoy reading this little book of silly poems.The book is called:  I Lost My Underwear Today: And Other Flights of Imagination

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About Election Results & CNN Site

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Obama has won the presidency. I think it is cool that an African American has done this. Been checking out CNN’s web site for the latest info. A note about their web site: they need to do something since with every page-load it seems everything locks up for 10-15 seconds. Not a good user experience! I’m not guilt free since my blog regularily generates a couple of javascript errors for each page load (though most people probably don’t notice cuz they don’t have debugging turned on in their browser)!

Photoshop Freeze

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Let’s see, I had let the anti-virus software on my home PC go to seed (translation: it expired). Well I finally got it updated.

Photoshop is freezing up on my home computer at startup. I’m trying a few things to fix this. This is a royal pain! I need to use Photoshop.

I am a Generals: Zero Hour fan. This is an RTS game from EA Games. Since installing a service pack lately for Windows XP, the game minimizes a couple of seconds after starting it. I can click on its icon in the task bar and it come back up and everything works fine there on out. Could it be that something in this service pack is what is wigging out Photoshop? It is an old version. Hmmm. I want to finish trying my “fixes.”

Val’s Art Diary DVD Revisited

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Well, I’ve sent a message to Val again about my missing DVD. She’s going to work on getting me a copy finally (I ordered it months ago). I don’t think that the problem is Val herself, most likely it is the people she hired to distribute her DVD.

I’m looking forward to getting it Val! Love your show!


Problems Come in Bunches

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Problems come in bunches:

  • A bird is building a nest in a vent for my attic (the grate popped out). You can hear him in the ceiling of our bedroom. I’m trying to get a handyman to fix the problem.
  • My neck and shoulders are really bothering me and doing something about it is really a hassle. And, of course, when you feel bad, things that are a hassle seem to be even more of a hassle than they really are!
  • My external hard drive (1TB) for my MacBook is not powering up at all. This is really a drag (I’ve only had this thing a month or two).
  • The project I’m on at work is just a mass of confusion and corporate politics. Man do I hate this thing!

Just doing a little venting…

An Eclectic Blog

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I’m paying to have a link to my blog on USA Today’s web site. I was given different topics to select from. I had to pick one of the topics to list my blog under. I put it under Technology. I wish they had an Eclectic topic. That would be more relavent. I’m interested in technology so I write about it. But I’m interested in lots of things and I will write about those things too: health (I have health problems), interesting places or people, etc. Maybe some day there will be an Eclectic topic!

Amazon Web Services Went Down Today

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My sister told me of her frustration in finding certain information on the internet. She told me how much work she put in digging up the information and how it was too bad that someone didn’t provide a site under said information. “Why don’t we create the site?” I asked her.

We started brain-storming and came up with our idea. I signed up for an Amazon web service. I’m not telling you which one right now because at this point, I want to keep my sister’s and my ideas a secret!

Needless to say, the service going down like that did give me some pause. It also made me think about the design of my site. The whole site will not be on Amazon. The new site will be on my web host and use the Amazon web service in question.  What will happen on my new site if the web service has gone down? I need to take that into consideration.

What information do I cache? Can our users still get some things done on the site if the web service is down?

A “Blizzard” Hits Chicago

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There was allot of snow that fell yesterday. And then it stopped. My wife and I were suprised when we woke up this morning and there was a huge amount of new snow on the ground… and it was still snowing!

I helped my wife dig the car out of the snow. Unlike most of our neighbors we don’t have a garage.

Suprisingly for me, the “L” was actually running more efficiently today that it has been running of late!

Busy… but doing well

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Let’s see, there’s the Six Sigma class coming up in February… my wife is taking two classes in occupational therapy the next two weekends, we just replaced our defective printer, I’ve been buying various books on software management and intros to statistics. I’m toggling back and forth between reading these books (due the subject matter you can only take so much of this stuff at one time)!

On the health / self discipline front my wife and I are doing alot better. No self-medicating by buying and eating junk food / soda. I’ve been walking the stairs (30 floors) almost every day at work. Slowly, some of the physical symtoms I experience in my body are waning/disapating.

Things are REAL SLOW at work right now but I expect that is going to change real soon. And I actually will be glad when that happens.

The tutorial I am making for importing video from a Canon HG10 video camera into Windows MovieMaker is taking longer than expected. But, I have been working on it and it is getting better and better. It will be nice to have a solid and complete tutorial up on!

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