Blog Neglect and Spammy Comments

Spam wall

I’ve noticed something. At least I think I’ve noticed something! There are people out there who look for neglected blogs and post spam comments on them. I can see the logic: The comment will get posted and since the blog has been neglected for some time (no new posts by the blogger), the said blogger will not be checking.

This means that the comment with its link to who-knows-what will stay on the blog with ligit posts and comments and, in their minds, increase Google rankings, and click-throughs to their site(s).

Well, just so you spammers out there know: When someone posts a comment (even on a neglected blog), I get an email. The comment itself  is usually vague and innocuous. But I don’t stop by looking at the comment, but I look at the URL supplied. I have to say, that on allot of them, if they aren’t spam outright, they have a spammy feel to them. What do I do with these comments? If its “iffy,” I simply delete the comment. Otherwise I mark them as spam.

Advise to spammers: How about working hard to create real content that people would actually want to come and look at without you being sneaky!

I can imagine though that there are lots of abandoned blogs out there that are prey for this technique. Blogs which the owners no longer check. Its sad the sad little games that people play.

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