Kinoki Pads: Fact or Fiction

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Have you seen the ads for Kinoki pads on television? You put it on the bottom of your foot at night and its supposed to suck toxins out of your system while you sleep. In the morning, the pad will be dark with toxic gunk that was extracted from your body.

As you do this each night, the pads you take off are supposed to become lighter and lighter until they look as if nothing happened. At that point, you are supposed to stop using them.

Well, I went to their web site:  and purchased their two for one offer. I did not buy any of their other products. I figure that for $20 for something that at least is harmless and at most could improve my health is worth a shot!

I did some browsing of various sites (mostly online forums) to see what others were saying about it. At this point there really isn’t a whole lot out there. But I haven’t been seeing the ads on TV for very long either.

The main bulk of the comments are people just bashing the product without any first hand knowledge about the product. Let it be known that I’ve used some products that were bashed as well but have provided noticeable benefit to me. I’ve also used products that were worthless (at least for me).

A smaller amount of users have all sorts of nice things to say about the product and how their health has improved.

And about an equally sized amount of folks think the products a fraud and sound authoritative.

The question is who are these people? Who can I trust? Just because I say that I’m John Edwards doesn’t him make me! And even if the people are who the say they are, prejudice and a faulty paradigm can exist (on any side).

So, I thought this would be a great idea for an experiment! As they say: “Stuff never written down (or documented) never happened.”

I am going to document exactly what happens with me and the company and the usage of their product.

  • I am going to create a written record of events. At very least on this blog but probably on a page on the main site too.
  • I am going to record video of different events as well as document them in text:
    • Information regarding when I ordered the product and how.
    • Information regarding how long they say it will take before I get my order.
    • Any calls to customer service and their outcomes.
    • Why I bought them in the first place, my expectations.
    • Were my expectations met?
    • Document in video placing the pad on my foot in the evening.
    • Document in video taking the pad off my foot in the morning.
    • We will take a close look at the pad to see what is there (video taped of course)
    • Document for each of these incidents the date and time, and the day number of the treatment.
    • Document any improvments in health (if any).
    • Depending on the cost of a chemical analysis, I will take a sampling of the pads in for the chemical analysis and see what the results are. This would include one unused pad as a baseline.
    • I will document the investigation I do in finding a resource for chemical analysis.
    • I will document whether or not the pads get lighter and lighter as I continue with the treatment.

A few more comments about this:

  • Please read each post carefully and completely. Don’t make assumptions about what I mean (I’ve been guilty of this myself).
  • Have an open mind. If this doesn’t work, I’ve lost a few bucks and learned some new lessons. If it works, my health improves at a low cost both financially and effort-wise. If Thomas Edison had the attitude about a light bulb working the way some people have about alternative medicine, he’d never invented it, after two or three attempts he would have said, “can’t be done!”

 I’m going out tonight for my birthday party so don’t expect anything new tonight. I think this will be a great experiment! You will not get mearly some high level opinions but some detailed data which you can then use to make an informed decision on your own. Just a warning, this experiment could take a few months (maybe two or three). We’ll just see where it goes, okay? Great!

All the best!

Busy… but doing well

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Let’s see, there’s the Six Sigma class coming up in February… my wife is taking two classes in occupational therapy the next two weekends, we just replaced our defective printer, I’ve been buying various books on software management and intros to statistics. I’m toggling back and forth between reading these books (due the subject matter you can only take so much of this stuff at one time)!

On the health / self discipline front my wife and I are doing alot better. No self-medicating by buying and eating junk food / soda. I’ve been walking the stairs (30 floors) almost every day at work. Slowly, some of the physical symtoms I experience in my body are waning/disapating.

Things are REAL SLOW at work right now but I expect that is going to change real soon. And I actually will be glad when that happens.

The tutorial I am making for importing video from a Canon HG10 video camera into Windows MovieMaker is taking longer than expected. But, I have been working on it and it is getting better and better. It will be nice to have a solid and complete tutorial up on!

Update for Friday, January 11, 2008

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Well, today I have decided that the blog on my site would become my one and only active blog. So it is active: i.e.: there are links to it now! Although the formatting on it is not exactly as I would like, it is still pretty good.

In other news, Sunday is my birthday! Gonna be 45. Tonight I’m going out with some friends to celebrate at Pizzeria Uno. They have this pizza with spinach and broccolli that tastes awesome! That is what I’m am going for! 🙂

Update on Thursday, Jan 10, 2008

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As usual I’m attempting to do too many things at one time. I signed up for a class on Six Sigma (starts on February 1st), I’ve been reading a book a co-worker has on Lean Six Sigma, I’ve gotten the course materials for the class mentioned and have started going over that material…

Last night I purchased two new books at the local Borders near work. One is on Agile software development and the other is on Lean Software Development (I’m reading the Lean Software Development book on the train to and from work).

Let’s see what else am I juggling at this time? Well, I’m working on getting the format of this Blog (CSS-wise) to be the same as In the evening at home last night I continued working on my web tutorial for getting video from a Canon HG10 video camera into Windows Movie Maker… including shooting some video for the tutorial. I imported some of the video into my PC (for loading into Moviemaker). I imported the rest of the video into my MacBook (iMovie is a much better tool the MovieMaker and I have the option to do so)!

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