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CodePen Pen for a CodePen Challenge

This week, the CodePen challenge was to use 100 <details> and <summary> tag blocks in a creative way. One suggestion they had was to use it for displaying “dad jokes.” That appealed to me so that is what I did! Take a look…

See the Pen 100

Tags Containing Dad Jokes! by Orville Chomer (@orvilleChomer) on CodePen.light

I’ve never used these tags before. When I saw them being referred to in passing I thought them to be just some sort of semantic tag that didn’t actually do anything special and actually worked like a <div> or a <span> tag.

Well was I wrong! It adds some interesting expanding and collapsing functionality to your page without needing special code to create the basic affect. Anyways, I had a lot of fun messing around with these tags and the “Dad Jokes” API.

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