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iOS Game App Dev Log Entry # 2

For this game, I am using the layout of Scrabble on the iPhone and the iPad as a frame of reference. I am not copying it exactly. BTW, this is not a Scrabble knock-off! It is a word game though, and I’m sure it will be something you would find under the “Word” category in “Games” on the app store!

Hopefully, this app will be so good, that you find it featured by Apple!

For reference, today, I needed a screen shot from Scrabble on my iPhone where the game board is “zoomed in.” So I…

took one (I held down the sleep button and pressed the Home button). This added a screen shot to my Photos app on my phone.

This screen shot, moseyed over to the “Photos” app on my iMac (where I am typing this post from). I have just exported it as a PNG file to my desk top.

I am loading it up in Affinity Designer so I can find out the pixel size of a zoomed Scrabble game tile (on my iPhone).  I probably should have used Affinity Photo instead. I am saying that the dimensions of a tile here are: 160 x 160 pixels.

This means that the decimal percentage for its size compared to the pixel width (1242 pixels) of my iPhone is…    .129 (rounded).  I am hoping to use this value multiplied by the screen with of any iPhone (no matter what its width is) to come up with the appropriate (not zoomed out) size of board tiles in the game.

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