Makerbot Replicator 2x Journal Entry 2

Well, yesterday was a busy day for me just immersing myself in the world of 3D printing. I want to keep this post short so I have more time to actually do more 3D printer stuff and maybe kick back on my remaining day off from work!

Let’s see:

  • I called Makerbot about my heater error.
  • They emailed me instructions for checking the thermocouple connections to the circuit board inside the printer.
  • I followed the instructions (I want to do a detailed post on this later).
  • It seemed to work… for a while…
  • I printed a 2nd Mr. Jaws for my nephews in Red ABS plastic. It printed nicely.
  • A little later the error message popped up again. Grrrrr!
  • I called Makerbot Support again and told them my woe.
  • They are sending me a new thermocouple cable free of charge. It will take a few days to get here (for fast shipping I would have to had to pay).
  • The thermocouple that is acting bad is for the right extruder.
  • In the mean time, I have not actually used the left extruder yet so I decided to start messing around with that!
  • While I had tech support on the phone I had a mess of questions I wanted answered in my notebook. I asked those questions (and two or three more) and built up my knowledge base quite a bit! There is still so much to learn! BTW, I did not feel rushed by the support person (I felt more rushed by myself)!
  • I hope to write other posts regarding the information I found out about on that call.
  • I picked another object out on Thingiverse to print in Natural ABS plastic (white). Its called Melting Ball in a Cage (thing:62856).
  • If you look at a picture of this thing it probably should have been called Ball in a Melting Cage!
  • It was printed in white PLA. I have white ABS. How hard could this be?
  • Even after leveling the build platform carefully I am having a hard time:
    • Even printing the raft.
    • Getting the plastic to consistently come out of the extruder!
  • The white ABS seems a bit runny.
  • The first thing I want to do today is try the print again with a lower temp on the extruder and see if that helps.

Wish me luck!

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