The iPad 3G is Launched

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Apple employees making plans just before the store opens for the special iPad event. People waiting in line near the store entrance.

I took the day off in order that I could buy my very own iPad with 3G built in. I’d been showing some restraint. I had come close to just saying the heck with it I’ll get the Wifi only version. But I toughed it out.

So I took the day off of work so that I could be there bright and early. I dropped my wife off Read more

Apple Rolls Out the iPad

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Front of Apple Store for the iPad Release

Today, was the day that Apple fans have been waiting for. The day the iPad finally went on sale. I went to Bally’s to workout and then decided to head over to the nearest Apple store. My intentions were not to buy an iPad but merely see what was up, and try one out for Read more

A New Garage For the Chomers

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It may seem surprising, but I am actually excited about getting a new garage added to the back of our property. It’s a rather utilitarian building, right? A place for your car, maybe the lawn mower and some other gardening tools…But my wife and I are jazzed about the whole thing! We are 46 and 47 years old and both of us have never owned a garage or had one at our disposal to use. Ever! So that’s about 30 years of  us driving and 30 years of us having to come outside in the morning on a cold Midwest winter day and scrape the snow and ice off the car. That’s 30 years of digging our cars out after a big snow storm. And that is about to end!We finally saved up enough money to buy a garage and looked up some contractors on Angie’s List. Read more

Blog Neglect and Spammy Comments

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Spam wall

I’ve noticed something. At least I think I’ve noticed something! There are people out there who look for neglected blogs and post spam comments on them. I can see the logic: The comment will get posted and since the blog has been neglected for some time (no new posts by the blogger), the said blogger will not be checking.

This means that the comment with its link to who-knows-what will stay on the blog with ligit posts and comments and, in their minds, increase Google rankings, and click-throughs to their site(s). Read more

Apple Crazy

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Think Different Wordle

I think Steve Jobs would be happy with me. A little more than a year ago I bought a Macbook and an iPhone. I’ve bought iLife ’08 and iWork ’08 (in 2008). I’ve bought Finalcut Express. I’ve put down $100 to be an iPhone developer.

More recently (this year) I’ve bought a nifty 24″ screen iMac. Nice! Much easier for my 47 year old eyes to read! And, I bit the bullet and bought Adobe CS4. That suite is expensive! Yikes!

What mainly am I trying to do with all this Apple goodness (besides have fun)? I want to write a nicely written App for the iPhone and have it selling in the App Store!

I like my Apple stuff. Though, sorry Steve, there are things I still like about Windows better, things I think are done better. I might write a post on that some time.

Need Some Light Humorous Reading? I’ve a suggestion!

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If you’ve been following the news lately, its enough to get one really depressed. Not just what a bunch of clueless wall street clowns are doing with our bailout money, but the new stimulus package with all its little “surprises” inside… I wonder….

Changing the tone here. Yes, changing the tone of this post right now!  What about focusing (for just a brief moment at very least) on something light-hearted and silly. Do you like puns and other word-play? Are you a twelve year old boy who never grew up? May I suggest some light reading? I’ve got a book for you to check out that, even if its not your cup of tea, you probably know a few of your friends who would enjoy reading this little book of silly poems.The book is called:  I Lost My Underwear Today: And Other Flights of Imagination

Read more

iPhone Cookbook

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I got one of my books on iPhone programming from The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook by Erica Sadun. It’s been about two days now. I’ve been pouring over it at home and riding the train to and from work. I am finding it helpful. Will I realize my dream of getting an app in the iPhone App Store?

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