I Have Been Spiffing Up the Site

If you have ever been to Chomer.com before, and now have come back, you will notice that things look a lot different. I’m not done with this spiff-up by any means, but it is well along the way. I think that visually it is a big improvement. Also I am using a Like button for Facebook on posts, and a Retweet button for Twitter. So I’m beginning to get some of the social aspects covered too. Why the social aspects? Its a good way for people to spread the word about content on this site if they find it useful.

A Reality Check
Originally, I had grand ideas of how I was going to re-code the site from scratch, creating this awesome content management infrastructure that would knock everyone dead with amazement. I needed to wake up and smell the hummus!  I needed a nice looking, and working site now! I must say I have avoided posting for awhile due to the fact how embarrassed I felt about my site. So, I am going with a site that is for the most part a WordPress blog. As for the layout and styling of the pages, I got have lot of inspiration from Tim Ferris’ FourHour blog and some stuff he wrote on having a successful blog.

More Work to Go
The header still needs at least one graphic, stuff does not align quite right in some web browsers, and there is more stuff I want to add to the side bar but things are moving along nicely.

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