Kinoki Experiment Videos

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I’ve posted the first 5 videos of the 6 part Episode 8 of the Orville Chomer Show. I get really into the nitty-gritty of my usage of the Kinoki pads. I hope to have the last video part up on YouTube by the end of today! I will also embed these videos right here  on this blog.

Some of the topics covered:

  • I give dates and day counts from when I ordered the Kinoki pads to when I received them.
  • I do an “un-boxing” of the Kinoki pads.
  • I list out the ingredients.
  • I read you the instructions that came with the Kinoki pads.
  • I put a pad on my foot for the first night.
  • The next morning I bring you along to seeing the results as we look at the pad I take off my foot together.
  • Then I do one more time putting the next pad on in the evening and taking it off and looking at the results in the morning.
  • I share with you various thoughts that I’m thinking as I go through this process.

One comment

  • one of your “tags” is spelled wrong “kinkoi” I believe is a metallic golden carp of some sort ^^U (if you don’t get it thats ok! “kin” is a word that means gold “koi” is carp in Japanese ehehehe) ne ways I’ll assume you just switched the k and the o. mabey fixing it wll help get the hits up

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