Awhile back, I wanted to try my hand at creating a Mahjongg game.  This game is the result of this work. It is a basic solitaire Mahjongg game with no special frills. Just one basic tile set and one classic tile layout. This is a Microsoft Windows based game. Here are the features that are included.

  • Easy installation with the installer.
  • Can give hints to legal moves.
  • You can take moves back.
  • Keeps track of best times.
  • Displays tiles left.
  • Displays number of moves left.
  • Has some cool sound effects like the clicking of tiles and a chimes effect when a game starts.
  • Has Japanese garden background scenery.

The game looks best in a screen resolution of 800×600. If you run the game at a higher resolution (which is likely) the game will appear in the upper left of the screen but still be completely fun and functional.

The game is provided as-is. I find it very playable and have played it lots of times myself.

To download the installer, click one of the following:

For Computer Geeks:
As a programmer, are you interested in seeing how I wrote the code? Go to this page to find out more about the program and to download the source code for free. I hope to provide more information about the code in the near future.