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I Have Been Spiffing Up the Site

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If you have ever been to before, and now have come back, you will notice that things look a lot different. I’m not done with this spiff-up by any means, but it is well along the way. I think that visually it is a big improvement. Also I am using a Like button for Facebook on posts, and a Retweet button for Twitter. So I’m beginning to get some of the social aspects covered too. Why the social aspects? Its a good way for people to spread the word about content on this site if they find it useful. Read more

How to Create Class Categories in Objective C

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Note: Video is Best Viewed in Full Screen Mode

As I began refining some sample code for making Universal Apps for the iPhone and iPad, I sought a way to make my code as concise as possible. I needed to determine if the app was running on an iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch and use it to my advantage. This basic information is contained in the UIDevice class.

Unfortunately, using:

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How to Use iPhone OS Templates in XCode Using the iPhone 3.2 SDK

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I started working on a video tutorial on how to make a universal app which will run on both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad. I began by describing all the different iPhone OS Templates and then focused in on the template to use to create what Apple calls Universal Apps.

Going through this exercise took more time than I really wanted to spend so I decided to split that part out. The contents of this tutorial on iPhone OS Template may seem a little obvious… but sometimes the obvious seems to land right under our noses without us noticing.

That happened to me when I started looking into the process of creating universal apps. I missed out on the fact that I could use the windows based application template to do just that. So then what other options did I have as a developer regarding these templates? I did a little digging.

This tutorial is not earth shattering, but I think it is good preparation for getting into the subject of writing universal apps.

Originally published on iPhone Obsessed blog

The iPad 3G is Launched

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Apple employees making plans just before the store opens for the special iPad event. People waiting in line near the store entrance.

I took the day off in order that I could buy my very own iPad with 3G built in. I’d been showing some restraint. I had come close to just saying the heck with it I’ll get the Wifi only version. But I toughed it out.

So I took the day off of work so that I could be there bright and early. I dropped my wife off Read more

Apple Rolls Out the iPad

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Front of Apple Store for the iPad Release

Today, was the day that Apple fans have been waiting for. The day the iPad finally went on sale. I went to Bally’s to workout and then decided to head over to the nearest Apple store. My intentions were not to buy an iPad but merely see what was up, and try one out for Read more

A New Garage For the Chomers

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It may seem surprising, but I am actually excited about getting a new garage added to the back of our property. It’s a rather utilitarian building, right? A place for your car, maybe the lawn mower and some other gardening tools…But my wife and I are jazzed about the whole thing! We are 46 and 47 years old and both of us have never owned a garage or had one at our disposal to use. Ever! So that’s about 30 years of  us driving and 30 years of us having to come outside in the morning on a cold Midwest winter day and scrape the snow and ice off the car. That’s 30 years of digging our cars out after a big snow storm. And that is about to end!We finally saved up enough money to buy a garage and looked up some contractors on Angie’s List. Read more

Blog Neglect and Spammy Comments

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Spam wall

I’ve noticed something. At least I think I’ve noticed something! There are people out there who look for neglected blogs and post spam comments on them. I can see the logic: The comment will get posted and since the blog has been neglected for some time (no new posts by the blogger), the said blogger will not be checking.

This means that the comment with its link to who-knows-what will stay on the blog with ligit posts and comments and, in their minds, increase Google rankings, and click-throughs to their site(s). Read more

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