Using the Android Emulator

Apparently, the Android Emulator is part of the the Android Studio application. So I downloaded it from the Android Developer web site and installed it. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time!

I don’t want to write Android apps (at least for the moment), but for now I’m interested in bringing up different web pages in the emulator’s browser that I might be working on and see how they lay out. I want to try out progressive web apps on them too!

I just finished installing the Pixel 2 API 29 and appears in a dropdown to build basically a do-nothing app I set up from a template.

I just ran the fmwhatsapp file and it takes a good while to bring up the emulator, let alone the do-nothing app!

Closed my do-nothing app and got back to Android’s “Home” screen. And, I was able to launch the Chrome browser on it.

I opened up a page I’ve been working on. Not bad! It looks like I will be able to test this way. 🙂

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