A Little Update

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Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my blog here. There have been a few storms in my life I’ve had to work through. Things have relatively settled down now and there are various projects that I am working on, some having to do with this site!

One thing of note is that due to certain changes in my life now, I am free to move out of the area I’m in (if I so choose). If I wanted to interview for a new job would I be prepared? I’ve had a little site:  http://orville.chomer.com/ which contained information about me and included my resume to download. When I checked, the site was down! I had been messing around months ago with it and forgot all about it!

Time to get serious here. So, lately, I have been working to get this simple little site operational and accurate. My resume needed updating/correcting. This little site is coming but its not all there yet. I’m planning on making this my main focus in my personal project list until its really professionally done. Wait till you see the final version of the header/banner for the site — its not like anything I think you have ever seen!

I’ve also been working on a re-design of chomer.com. Instead of being static like the previous version, it is fully dynamic. If you are looking at my site now to see those changes, sorry, its not there yet (its on my local box). The site allows for both articles and blog posts and will use a back-end MySQL database to handle all the content. Once this is up and running, this WordPress blog will go away. Before that happens, I will be copying all the contents of all my blogs to this new blog system.

The new system also uses heavy AJAX control using my Renegade Ajax framework. I am using this period to help shake out any issues that are in this framework. The application server I am using to write my new site software in is my favorite: ColdFusion MX (of course). I do have plans, once the site is finished and been in operation awhile… getting all the kinks out… of writing a new version in PHP and providing it for free to the community. If it comes out the way I see it in my head, it will be better than anything I’ve ever seen. Definitely better than anything I’ve seen for free for sure!

Furnace Room
Our furnace room has been a mess for a long time now. I’ve dreamed of having some sort of workbench down there. Well, after going to a cool show put on by MAKE magazine at the Chicago Science and Industry museum, getting a subscription and a best projects book, I got inspired. In the front of the book was a section on setting up a workbench! I’ve got enough room to set up an L-shaped work area made up of 3 benches which I bought at Menards. The instructions were a little shakey that came in the box with the first one I assembled but I learned a few things along the way. I am thinking about filming a video tutorial on assembling the workbench and eventually placing it out on YouTube. We will see. One project in my new MAKE book is building a Stirling Engine. I’d like to try that out on my new workbench(s)!


  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, you wrote a little bit of code ct_date_input.cfm that is a little date picker pop-up for Cold Fusion. I’ve been using and love it, but with the newer versions of IE it’s not happy. Did you ever update this, or have you moved away from Cold Fusion?

  • Well Susan, I’ve gotten away from working on that custom tag. I still work in ColdFusion. Mainly for work. I’ve kinda gotten busy/overwhelmed with work and life of late.

  • Orville – I also love the ct_date_input tag. I have ran into the dates being off on switching months before and today was the day I figured I should look into it.

    On 5/31/12 clicking the month forward button would return July instead of June and when clicking the month back button to get to June the calendar would display Julys calendar with a June heading. If I changed my PC date to 5/30/12 I got the correct calendar for June.

    Looks like the ct_date_input code I have been using…V2.0 last commented on 7/28/05 had a hidden feature when calculating dates at the end of a month where the next month had fewer days.

    Here is how I fixed it. 🙂

    *** 1st change ***
    function dispCal(sCalColor, sCalFontColor, sSelBgColor, sSelFgColor, sHeadColor, sCalBorderColor) {

    dtStart.setDate(1); // moved the setDate to the beginning of this sequence

    *** 2nd change ***
    function nextMonth() {

    editDate.setDate(1); // <– added this line

    *** 3rd change ***

    function prevMonth() {

    editDate.setDate(1); // <– added this line

    I hope this helps out anyone else who maybe having problems. 🙂

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