The iPhone is Working Again

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My iPhone is working again. It has been several days since this momentous occasion has occured.

I called Apple tech support and was graciously helped above and beyond the call of duty. It seems that I was missing a step in upgrading my iPhone OS. Thankfully, I was given the remaining step, tried it, and it worked!


  • hi!
    love the video on getting the clips of the hg10 into wmm! very helpful.
    iam 16, and i film snowboarding with the hg10, and quality is a big issue with me. i was wondering if there is any programs out there that can import the files right off the camera into editor and still keeps the great quality the camera has. for me when i import into wmm it is very glitchy and poor quality. and i did put it into 800/ whatever it was lol. so im wondering if there is a porgram somewhat like wmm, that keep the hd quality of the clip, and semi easy to use. ive heard of sony vegas 8.0, and powerdirector but im not sure on whats best, can you help me out?! send an email response to me too please.
    thanks alot, Landon.

  • if you look at the confession section near the end of the tutorial, I talk about the fact that I don’t use wmm anymore.

    My suggestion, get a MacBook. If you could afford the video camera, you probably can spring for the MacBook. Then buy the latest version of iLife for the Mac ($99), which includes the latest version of iMovie. The version of iMovie that came with my Mac did not recognize my camera!

    Although not as powerful as programs like FinalCut, iMovie 08 is pretty powerful and should be able to meet your needs. If you want fancy filters and such, Finalcut Express is expensive (but not like Finalcut Studio).

    You might not be able to afford Finalcut in any flavor, but iMovie 08 is pretty well within reach. Hope this help.

    PS: I bought and tried Pinnacle Studio on my PC and had nothing but problems. Lots of PC lock-ups! And just plain not working. Hope this helps.


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