A Little Disappointing

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When I got home last night I was hoping to get at least one item of the three that I am expecting.

  • A DVD for Val’s Art Diary
  • An order of Kinoki Pads
  • A book called “The Da Vinci Method”

But to no avail. Sigh. The book I didn’t really expect since I just ordered it. But I’ve been waiting awhile for the other items.


  • I recommend ebay. I am trying out the kinoki for cheap. The cheapest is about 10 bucks and free shipping if you’re lucky. I just tried out my first one today. My feet kind of smell like vinegar and I’m not sure if I really feel different. I want to see if I keep using it, the pad will get lighter and lighter. I think it’s very interesting that you’re doing your own personal experiment and documenting the results.

    I am also trying the kinoki eye pads as well.

  • PS. Shipping from Ebay is waaay faster.

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