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More about the Site’s Look

I started doing some investigating on what I would like as far as my site’s appearance. This is not going to be something that changes over night. More and more I’m realizing that to capture what I’m looking for is going to take a lot of thought, research, and testing. Ah well.

One of the ideas floating around in my mind is having videos on every page that are ambient. That is stuff automatically playing when the page comes up, little or no sound, and displaying in a subtle way that contributes to the “feeling” I’m trying to capture.

I did a first experiment here and found as I suspected, that the flash video player I used is an actual “window” as far as Microsoft architecture goes. What that means is that I cannot overlap it with a layer… i.e. DIV tags, etc. This rules out allot of concepts (unless I learned to use Flash).

There is still allot to look into. Allot about using color, layout, etc.

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