I Lost My Underwear Today and Other Flights of Imagination

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I Lost My Underwear Today – and other flights of imagination

an Interactive eBook for the iPad



$1.99 in the App Store

Skillfully wending words, sounds, and images, author/illustrator, Colonel Korne paints poetic pictures that catapult readers into a witty world of rhymes. Whether weaving a web of intrigue in “Spider, Spider,” rhapsodizing reminiscently in “Memories of Grandpa,” or the provocative pun in “Honeydew, Honeydew,” he hits the heart, not with sap, but with a refreshing twist that draws in everyone who picks up this unique volume. Children’s poetry? Hardly, but make no mistake. Kids love the Colonel. Adults will chuckle at the double entendres resplendent in the Colonel’s work and identify with the trials that vex characters like Emily Lou, the hippo ballerina. All ages will relish the artwork that ranges from realism to cartoon sketches. Educators will appreciate the natural use of literary devices: “The Butterfly” as a picture poem, the synonyms in “I Lost My Underwear Today”, as well as wonderful examples of irony, alliteration, and metaphor replete in this masterfully written work. With live readings of every poem by the author in this electronic version.

Easy to Use and Enjoy!

Consider the following simple tips:

  • Simply use the built-in Table of Contents to jump to a desired poem.
  • Swipe your finger left or right on the iPad screen to turn the “pages” of this book.
  • Tap the Play/Pause button on the first page of each poem to hear the author read the poem to you!

News Updates

April 10, 2010
App now available in the App Store for the iPad! Come and get it!

April 6, 2010
Finally got app to upload into iTunes Connect! The app is now in review.

March 27, 2010
Tried several different things to upload binary to iTunes Connect… all unsuccessful. Did learn alot during the whole process. Submitted a contact post to Apple with a screen shot well before the deadline. Worked on this site, the deadline is now past. I hope Apple considers our circumstances here!
We will let you know when the App is available for purchase on the Apple App Store – Regards the Colonel.

March 26, 2010
Worked well into the night finishing up the app and having the author of the book re-record several poems. Submitted the app information, large icon, and screen shots the iTunes Connect. Could not upload the binary file.

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