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Below a directory to all the content on the site that has anything to do with computer programming. Some items appear more than once since they fit under more than one category. This page is a “living document” and will be changed, added to, updated, what-ever from time-to-time. This page is set up in a Khan Academy styled structure. I apologize for all the gaps there are since at this time, a lot of the content are merely stubs.

The page is for you the user, but it is also for me the user so I can find programming stuff easier. Sort of my glorified computer programming Favorites list! This includes links to my own articles on this site broken down by category as well as links off to other pages on the net for the category that I find useful or interesting. I will be adding new links, fixing any spelling errors, correcting grammar problems, trying to make descriptions clearer and easier to understand if possible, and just make this page better and better as much as I can. I hope you like it! Enjoy!


Articles on Microsoft’s .NET (dot net) programming platform.

2D Graphics

Various articles on programming 2 dimensional graphics. This includes covering techniques such as BitBlting and 2D graphics frameworks like Cocos2D.

3D Graphics

Various articles on programming 3 dimensional graphics. We cover various concepts, programming languages (Like Dark Basic Pro), and technologies.

Access (Microsoft) Database

Various articles on programming using the Microsoft Access application as well as using the Jet Engine in Access and other programming environments.

Active Server Pages

Various articles on programming the Microsoft Application server programming environment that comes with IIS (Internet Information Server).


Various articles on the structure of, the design, and usage of ActiveX components.

Agile Programming

Android Programming

Various articles on programming apps for Google Android devices.

API (Application Program Interface) Design

Various articles on APIs. This group of posts is mainly on what they are for, and how to design your own APIs for you and others to use.


Various articles on AJAX programming. This is primarily for a web environment.


Various articles on programming and history of the BASIC programming language.


We’re not talking about the musical fruit here! Various articles on programming with Java Beans and Java Enterprise Beans (two very different things).

Books on Programming

Various books on programming: the good, the bad, the ugly.

Business Analysis


Various articles on programming in the C programming language.


Various articles on programming in the C++ object oriented programming language.


Various articles on programming in Microsoft’s C# (C-Sharp) programming language.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Various articles on the usage of CSS to format your web pages.


Various articles on getting various certifications for different programming disciplines.


A little bit of information on that old language called COBOL.


Various pages on programming 2D graphics using Cocos2D mainly for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
Note: While a popular 2D game platform in the past, most devs now use the SpriteKit framework provided by Apple.

ColdFusion/ ColdFusion MX

Various articles on programming on Macromedia’s application server: Coldfusion.

Computer Science

Computer Science as a general subject.

Custom Tags

Certain web application servers give the developer the ability to create their
own custom tags that they can use along with regular HTML tags. This ability can make it easy for a
developer to re-use snippets all over their site in a simple and straight-forward way. The following
articles / videos cover custom tags.

Dark Basic / Dark Basic Professional

Dark Basic brings 3D programming in a Windows environment down to a level that mere mortal programmers can understand. Here are various articles on programming in Dark Basic (windows enviroment).

Data Conversion

I have found that many times various books on different programming languages cover the topic of data conversion poorly or not at all. If you are doing any serious development, you need to know how to do this stuff. These articles cover this subject for various programming languages.

Database Programming

Various articles on database programming for various database platforms.

Date/Time Programming

Working with dates and times in various programming languages. This includes converting to and from a date format, querying a database by date, and formatting the output of dates and times.


Floating Point



A programming framework for Coldfusion (one I am not particularly thrilled about).


General Programming



Interactive Development Environments (IDEs)

IDEs are the places most programmers spend the bulk of their time in. These programs are where a programmer can enter/edit their programs, build, debug and test their code, do configuration management and more. These articles cover some of the major IDEs out there that programmers use.

Interface Builder

Various articles on Apple’s application for visually designing user interfaces for your programs (whether they be apps running on a Mac or an iOS device).

iOS Programming

Various articles on programming the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

Iterative Programming


Various articles the Java programming language.

JavaScript (ECMAScript)

Articles on the suprisingly powerful language JavaScript. BTW: The only things it has in common with Java is it’s C syntax and the name “Java.” Not much else!

Java Server Pages (JSP)

JSP is sort of the Java version of ASP or Coldfusion. It is definitely easier to use than Java Servlets. But it does have an important relationship to Servlets. Find articles on JSP here.


Language Specific

Lean Software Development


Location Based Programming



About math in programming languages. Mostly how to use various math functions in particular languages.

Microsoft Programming Products

Mobile Programming

Model View Controller (MVC) Programming Concepts

MySQL Database

Object Oriented Programming

Objective C

A super-set of the C programming language, Objective C is a very powerful object oriented computer language.


Oracle Database

People (Programming Luminaries)

Allen, Paul
Crockford, Douglas
Gates, Bill
Gosling, James – considered the father of the Java programming language.
Jobs, Steve
Matsumoto, Yukihiro


Various articles on the free open source web application server out there that is used by many different web sites and platforms (WordPress blog software is written in PhP with MySQL). It can be run on an Apache web server (which is also open source and free).

Project Management

Various articles on project management. This is not just from a project manager’s point of view, but everyone involved in the software development process.




Various articles on Really Simple Syndication (RSS). It talks about the file format, generating RSS output, and reading (consuming) RSS output.

  • History of RSS RSS was first invented by Netscape. Versions 0.91, 0.92 and 2.0 were developed by Dave Winer.


Ruby on Rails


SCRUM Master

SCJP: Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 (Unofficial Exam 310-065 Prep)

Servlets (Java)

Various articles on creating Java Servlets for web development and their relationship to Java Server Pages (JSP).


Software Design

Various articles on software design.


Various articles on programming with the SQLite database platform.



Swift is a programming language that Apple created to make it easier for developers to write apps for their platforms (iOS and OS X).

SQL Server

Various articles on Microsoft’s enterprise database product: SQL Server.


Articles on strings (most likely text). Covers string declaration, conversion, and manipulation in various programming languages.


Articles on the Java Struts framework.

Tables of Stuff

Tables of useful information. Stuff like color codes, ASCII codes, Escape codes, and whatever else I deem useful goes here.


Various articles on all things testing. Unit Testing, System Testing, End-to-End Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT).


Various articles on the UNIX operating system.

Visual Basic / VBA / VB Script

WatchKit Programming

Articles on using Apple WatchKit.

Web Programming

Articles on a broad subject of web programming.

Web Services

WordPress Plug-in Development

Articles on developing plug-ins for WordPress (like the blog you are now reading).


Articles on WSDL (pronounced Wiz-Dull). This is a particular standard for creating web services.


Articles on XML. Covers origins, proper formatting, SOAP, RESTful format, and more.


  • Hi! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this site?
    I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had problems with
    hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be awesome if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  • Regarding the blogging software… Unfortunately it is WordPress. I have to keep on top of the comments else spam ends up on my site.

    And, WordPress is fussy with posts that are more than just simple paragraphs of text. I’ve have lost post content! 🙁 And, to get around that, I have to do a lot of editing of HTML. Which makes me think that having WordPress in that case is no better than editing static web pages!

    I am currently working on a completely new blogging platform (not modifying WordPress but writing a whole new piece of software). I work on it on and off. It might be awhile before its done, then replacing my current WordPress blog.

    I will not initially give out the software, but I might eventually if it is successful. We will see.

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