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Hodgemoor Wood

Just so that you know, any link on my site which goes to the Amazon.com website, or some other web site where you buy stuff and they have an affiliate program, chances are I am using the affiliate program to make a few extra pennies. Doing so does not raise the price of the items. If I am not using an affiliate link when I can it is because it was an accident, or I was too lazy at the time!

Even though I use affiliate links, anything I say about the products/books is really my opinion not something I made up in order to sell stuff.

Note if in other cases, there are any conflict of interests (real or imagined) in any posts on my site I will give full disclosure in those posts.

Also, images on posts are of my own creation unless they are from Flickr and have Creative Commons licensing. If that is the case I provide a link back to the original image on the creator’s Flickr page.

The photo in the banner and my profile picture were taken by my sister Christy. She gets to use it to build her portfolio, I get to use it for my site! Thanks sis!

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