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A New Garage For the Chomers

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It may seem surprising, but I am actually excited about getting a new garage added to the back of our property. It’s a rather utilitarian building, right? A place for your car, maybe the lawn mower and some other gardening tools…But my wife and I are jazzed about the whole thing! We are 46 and 47 years old and both of us have never owned a garage or had one at our disposal to use. Ever! So that’s about 30 years of  us driving and 30 years of us having to come outside in the morning on a cold Midwest winter day and scrape the snow and ice off the car. That’s 30 years of digging our cars out after a big snow storm. And that is about to end!We finally saved up enough money to buy a garage and looked up some contractors on Angie’s List. Read more